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Fisher CZ-3D


MSRP: $949.95

The easy to use, multifrequency CZ-3D is designed to find more coins - especially older coins at older sites! The CZ-3D will find more GOOD metals such as brass, bronze, copper & silver. It delivers four tone audio target ID, deep target audio boost, push button pinpointing, depth reading, wet sand operation and the new "Enhance" mode for high performance target I.D. It comes standard with a 3-piece breakdown handle and operates on only two 9v batteries.

  • Controls:
    • Disc: seven preset discrimination points plus all-metal auto tune position
    • Pinpoint: Pushbutton for pinpointing, depth reading and ground balancing (in conjunction with ground control)
    • Sensitivity/Battery Test: Dual function potentiometer and switch.
    • Mode: two position switch: "Enhanced" position & "Salt" position for wet, salt water beaches
    • Ground Balance: potentiometer.
    • Power On/Off Volume: Dual-function potentiometer and switch. Volume settings above midrange amplify faint, deep target sounds and limit loud target responses.
  • Features:
    • Visual target ID, Enhanced for more coins
    • Four tone, audio target ID
    • Pushbutton ground adjust
    • Big target alert
    • Increased depth in mineralized soil
    • Turn on & go preset control markings
    • Wet sand mode
    • Faint target audio boost
    • Eight inch open center spider coil
    • Three piece breakdown handle
    • Handle mount or hip mount
    • Silent-search, VLF, slow motion discrimination
    • Super hot, wide scan, all metal auto tune mode
  • Specifications:
    • Length: Extended: 51”; Collapsed: 41”
    • Weight: 3.7 lbs.
    • Operating Modes:
      • Target ID VLF Slow Motion
      • Silent search discrimination Meter - Lock on
      • 7 categories Auto Tune
      • VLF -Motion 6
      • All-metal with threshold tone.
    • Pinpoint/Depth: VLF, all metal, no motion
    • Search Coil: 8" Diameter Concentric, Co-planar Spider Coil; Interchangeable and Submersible
    • Audio OutputStereo Jack (Stereo Headphones Optional)
    • Built in Speaker
    • Batteries: (2) 9V Alkaline; Drop-in, no wires
    • Battery Life: 10-20 hours