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Fisher F5


MSRP: $549.00

Fisher F5: combining the best in analog and digital technology for a unique detecting experience. A professional class detector at budget price!

  • Features:
    • 7.8 kHz frequency-- good for coin shooting, relic hunting, and casual gold prospecting
    • Frequency shift for eliminating electrical interference and crosstalk
    • Advanced software-based motion discrimination with notch for searching trashy areas
    • All metals autotune mode for deep-searching in non-trashy areas
    • Visual target ID by category & 0-99 indication, both discrimination & autotune modes
    • Target ID confidence bargraph
    • High-resolution manual ground balance with continuous ground balance readout
    • Ground balance range goes all the way to salt
    • Continuous display of ground mineral concentration and phase
    • Push-button static pinpoint with variable audio pitch and visual depth reading
    • Independent gain and threshold knobs provide complete control over sensitivity
    • Standard 10 inch elliptical concentric open-center searchcoil (Other coils available separately)
    • Two 9-volt alkaline batteries last approXimately 40 hours