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Fisher Hardrock Pro Gold Prospecting Kit


MSRP: $149.99

Acessory orders under $25.00 will ship in 2-3 business days.

The Fisher Hardrock Pro Gold Prospecting Kit comes with all sorts of panning and prospecting tools, Weather you are digging it out of rocks or panning it out of cricks and streams you will be ready for anything. The people at Fisher sure know how to equip gold prospectors!

  • Features:
    • 14" Fisher Gold Pan
    • 10 1/2" Fisher Gold Pan
    • Classifier - with 5/16" Square Holes
    • 2 - 1oz Gold Shatterproof Vials
    • Snuffer Bottle
    • Treasure Scoop
    • Top Hat Black Sand Magnet
    • Angle Tip Tweezers
    • Magnifier
    • Crevice Tool
    • Rock Pick
    • Drawstring Backpack