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Tesoro Sand Shark

With 8" Search Coil: $577.00

MSRP: $679.00

With 10.5" Search Coil: $602.65

MSRP: $709.00

The new Sand Shark combines time-proven PI circuits with the latest digital technology creating the first microprocessor controlled PI detector for the new Millennium.

Pulse Induction (PI) detectors have always been the natural choice for working wet salt beaches. Their circuitry and single loop coils will not see changes in salt-water conductivity that drive a VLF-style detector crazy. Add Tesoro Electronics' exclusive interchangeable Printed Spiral coils and you create a fantastic PI detector.

e Sand Shark has two distinct operating modes: VCO and Normal. When working in the VCO mode, as targets get closer to the coil, the threshold generates a louder, higher pitched tone great for pinpointing. The Normal mode works with a single tone and is used for beachcombing and other prolonged searches.

Tesoro has added a microprocessor to help you customize the detector to your specific needs. Our Pulse Width control allows you to tune your detector to the best balance of depth, sensitivity, and battery life. You can also change the Normal mode audio frequency. Simply use the "F" Adjust knob to set the tone and you're ready to go. The Sand Shark also has a new drop-in battery compartment for quick and easy changes. The Sand Shark Searchcoils are now hardwired. The two coils that come stock are the 8" and the 10.5" coil.

Lifetime Warranty.

  • Specifications:
    • Operating Frequency: 600 pps
    • Searchcoil Type: Printer Spiral
    • Searchcoil Size: 8" diameter
    • Audio Frequency: Approx. 220 - 450 Hz
    • Audio Output: Stereo Piezo Headphones
    • Weight: (may vary slightly) Less than 4½ lbs.
    • Battery Requirement: Eight AA DC (alkaline)
    • Battery Life: (at preset) 10 to 20 hours
    • Optimum Temp. Range: 30° to 100° F
    • Optimum Humidity: 0 to 75% R.H.
    • Maximum Depth Rating: 200 ft
  • Operating Modes:
    • VCO Motion ALl Metal
    • Adjustable Audio Frequency All Metal