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Treasure Mate Pinpointer

Designed to find small gold nuggets, coins and relics, the Treasure Mate makes pinpointing easy. Comes with a holster, treasure pouch and two free issues of the International California Mining Journal.

    • FREQUENCY: 16.5khz
    • COIL: 3/8" coax
    • SIGNAL: (1)LED and Speaker (2) LED and Vibrator
    • SETTINGS: Ground Balance and Tuning Controls
    • BATTERY: 9 Volt
    • BATTERY LIFE: 30-50 Hours
    • WEIGHT: 6 Ounces
    • TEMPERATURE RANGE: 30-100 Degrees F
    • HUMIDITY: 0-70%
    • MODE: All Metal, Variable Range Tunning
    • WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime Warranty