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SOLD! Used Minelab E-Trac Package


MSRP: $1,600.00

Selling this awesome Minelab Package on Consignment. This is a great opportunity to to take your Metal Detecting Hobby to the next level and not break the Bank. This package deal was purchased for over $1,600 Dollars and only has approximately 6 hours total use with some of the items not being used yet. Minelab E-Trac Package comes with everything shown in the picture to include: Minelab E-Trac, Original Box, Garrett Pro-pointer AT, Diamond Digger, Owners Manual, Pocket guide, Transferable Warranty, Lithium Ion Battery & charger, Nicad Battery  & Charger, AA Battery Holder, Andy Sabisch Handbook, Koss UR-30 Headphones, Camo Finds Pouch and Padded Gun Style Detector Bag. don't Snooze and Looze on this great Deal. Buyer pays shipping, Cash only!


  • Transmission Technology: Full Band Spectrum (FBS) Multi frequency Technology
  • Microprocessor: 32bit, 48MHz microprocessor fast and powerful
  • Connectivity: USB connector for communication with Personal Computer
  • Software: Intuitive User Interface; Fast Target processing; Multi-language functionality
  • QuickMask: Fast and Easy adjustment of Ferrous and Conductivity Discrimination
  • Depth Gauge: Accurate Gauge active in Normal detecting and Pinpoint mode
  • Noise Cancel: Automatic & Manual selection of 11 channels
  • Pinpoint: Non-motion with modulated audio and visual cross hair on LCD 
    • 2 Modes Normal and Sizing
  • User Modes: 4 Minelab Modes and 4 My Modes
  • Discrimination: 2 Dimensional Smartfind Discrimination
  • Target Identification: 2 Dimensional Smartfind Size / Conductivity and Ferrous characteristics:
    • Conductivity 1-50, Ferrous 1-35
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: Fully Automatic with adjustable offset, Manual Setting 1-30
  • Sensitivity Gauge: Auto Level, Manual Level, Suggested Level
  • Threshold: Fine adjustment level from 1-50
  • Audio Response: 4 Settings: Normal, Long, Smooth, Pitch Hold
  • Tone ID/Number of Tones: 1, 2, 4 and Multi-tone
    • Customizable for Conductivity or Ferrous response
  • Tone ID Variability: 30 adjustable steps for better Target Identification
  • Recovery Speed: Selectable Fast & Deep
  • Trash Density: Low for areas with isolated targets or High, for areas with more trash
  • Ground Balance Modes: Auto Ground Compensation - Advanced Digital Filtering
  • Ground Settings: Neutral for most ground conditions, Difficult for more mineralized soils
  • Coil: Ultra-lightweight 11" Double D (DD) waterproof coil
  • Batteries: 1600 mAh NiMH or Alkaline batteries
  • Low Battery Audio Alarm: Audio and visual indication
  • Visual Display: Large 3.4 (8.65cm) grayscale LCD panel
    • with Contrast adjustment and Backlight
  • Headphone Input: 100 Ω Stereo Jack