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White's SpectraScan Handheld


White's Spectra-Scan Handheld metal detector is designed for the rigorous requirements of security environments, including airports, correctional facilities, schools, concerts, sporting events, and public and private buildings.

White's security metal detectors are designed and manufactured in the USA, with the uncompromising commitment to quality that has been the White's metal detector hallmark for over 50 years.

We designed the Spectra-Scan to meet and exceed the needs and specifications of today's security-conscious world. It complies with all National Institute of Justice standards for indoor/outdoor operations.

  • Highlights
    • Both Audio and Vibrate Mode
    • De-Sense Button
    • Lanyard
    • Low Battery Indicator LED
    • Meets NIJ Standards
    • On/OFF Button
    • Sensitivity Control
    • Speaker or Earphone Alert
    • Visual LED Alert
    • Volume Control